Fun Xbox fishing games

If you love playing fishing games on Xbox, then this article applies to you. We have compiled some of the most popular and fun fishing games so that you won’t ever get bored with your Xbox 360 again.

The Strike

This detailed game is sure to please amateur and expert anglers. The Strike is arguably one of the best fishing games as the developers have created a well thought-out sport that’s challenging and fun. You will need to use your angling skills with your Xbox controller rod. The best thing about this rod is the rotors that shake, providing vibration when a fish is caught.

Rapala Pro Bass

This game has it all, from licensed boats and gear to TV presentation. It was released back in 2010 and has become highly popular. You can buy a bundle that comes with the rod and play with your friends. With its two-player mode, you can fish against your friend, or opt to take on a professional angler on the game. Perhaps the only feature that this game lacks is the online play so you won’t be able to battle other live players.

Angler’s Dream

This game’s main objective is to take you to pretty destinations such as lakes and tropical beaches with over 40 fresh and salt water fish to catch. You can also take your fish to an aquarium and get prizes along the way. This game has a 4-player option in Versus Mode so you can play against your friends or family.

Sega Bass Fishing

This arcade-style fishing game is a lot of fun to play on Xbox 360 and Wii. You will get access to all the updated ports of the Dreamcast version, with a few added extras to keep the game new and fresh. The graphics are top notch and it is even more fun when you play it on newer consoles. In fact, Sea Bass Fishing truly stands out from most other games as you try and wiggle your rod using the controller. The lure is the best accessory you can get for your fishing game. No other similar game has managed to cause a stir or generate the same kind of positive reviews from players yet.