Are You Lucky?

Gambling is a popular pastime. The thrill of playing and the draw of a potential win is a big one. Of course, in general, the odds are stacked against the player and are in favour of the house. Finding a way around this and lessening the edge that the house holds is part of what makes gambling fun for many players.

For the most part, gambling is a game of luck. Slot machines, for example, simply spin and stop at random. There is no way to influence the outcome. The only way to increase chances in this type of game is simply by selecting games that have a slightly higher return to player rate than others. A good slot will have an RTP of around 96% and anything higher is excellent.

Table games are where the true odds lie and many a player spends years studying strategies to push the probability of a win in their favour. Look at Blackjack, for example. A relatively simple game with one of the best odds for players, yet there are still hundreds of strategies employed to make it even more favourable. Many people have heard of card counters, one of the methods employed by serious players, though frowned upon by casinos.

Other games such as Roulette can offer multiple house edges simply by the variant you play. European roulette contains only 37 pockets in contrast with the American version, which contains 38, and as such the former offers vastly better odds to the player. In addition, Roulette provides players with a plethora of betting options with higher and lower payouts depending on the probability of the win. Outside bets pay out at 2/1 whilst inside bets can be as much as 37/1.

An intense mix of luck and strategy, not everyone is a winner in this all-encompassing world.