Etiquette at the Poker Table

A player’s behaviour at the poker table is bound to affect the outcome of a game. Poker is a game that is pregnant with acting; everyone knows the importance of the poker face. What is equally important, however, is to behave in a decorous manner when at the poker table. Some of these rules of behaviour even apply to online poker games as well. Here are a few tips on how to act in a game of poker.

Stay Quiet After a Fold

If you’re not playing in this round, then you have nothing to add. Poker is every man and woman for his or herself, and nobody takes kindly to interference from a competitor who is out of the game. Use this time wisely and quietly observe your opponents – it will tell you a lot about them.

Keep Up the Pace

This applies to games both online and offline. It’s fine to consider your move, but don’t take too long. This means that you need to stay focused at all times. You should be calculating your next move from the moment you complete your last.

Keep Your Cool

This might seem obvious, but poker is a game that can get emotions running high. Displays of bad temper make everyone feel uncomfortable and ultimately make you look like a petty, sore loser. Avoid outbursts by staying well within your bankroll and doing some deep breathing. The same goes for winning – nobody likes a smug winner. Try to remain graceful and composed whether you are happy with your game or not.

Be Polite

This applies especially to online games with a chat function. The temptation to sound off when protected by a computer screen is something that some people don’t seem able to resist. Trash talk is for trashy people; don’t be that person.