Fishing Games Online

There are many games on-line where you can go fishing. You can play a dedicated fishing game or you can find a game where fishing is part of the feature set. For example, in an MMO such as World of Warcraft, which can be played for free, you will be able to do virtual fishing straight away.

Another game where you can fish on-line is Rift. In most MMOs the fish can be used in trade-skills such as cooking or other crafting recipes that will give temporary bonuses to your character that will make it easier for you to do raiding or player versus player combat.

Dedicated Fishing Games On-line

There are many dedicated fishing games that can be played in your browser. Super Fishing is a free Flash game you can play on Kongregate. You can catch fish in sunny Florida and you can share your achievements on your social media accounts with your friends.

Other places where you can find fishing games are Google Play and the Apple Games store. You will be able to play fishing games on your iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac or your PC.

You don’t have to be interested in fishing in real life; many players find that fishing in a game is very relaxing and is a good way to unwind after work or before their raid or arena match.