Go Fish and Other Card Games Online

Playing card games has always been a popular way to relax and spend free time. Most of the popular card games from around the world are now available to play online, as well as a few card games that have been created especially for online gamers.

Go Fish

With this classic card game players take it in turns to complete sets of cards and get all the cards out of their hand before their opponent. Players take it in turns to ask each other for cards they want to collect and if the opponent doesn’t have this card they tell them to ‘go fish’, meaning that they have to take an extra card from the deck.


This is one of the most popular card games for solo players. Cards are dealt face down in rows and the objective of the game is to get out all the cards by making runs. Each game usually takes just a few minutes to play and playing Solitaire is a great way to kill a little time.


Both solo and multi player versions of this game are available to play online. The main objective of the game is to collect as few heart cards as possible and receive the lowest score at the end of the game. The player who scores the lowest is the winner.